Things Before Thirty

Monday, June 30, 2014

I decided to do a small little list of things I wanted to achieve/do before I turn 30, which is in October. It's not a huge list, but a significant one to me. I've slowly started working on most of them.

1 - Update the house.
2 - Do something new.
3 - Make memories for the boys.
4 - Plan and GO on a road trip with mom.
5 - Read.
6 - Get As.

Short and sweet.

We have started the updates on the house and one day I will show a tour, hopefully with someone else taking the photos because I apparently suck at taking good house photos unless it's with my phone (hello run-on sentence).

The something new is actually a couple things. One is this blog (hello!) and two is a YouTube channel. I've watched and watched and WATCHED YouTube for a while now, and I've fallen in love (not creepy) with a few of the ladies. They are mostly beauty YouTubers, and I don't plan on doing that. I'll probably talk about beauty sometimes, just because Im REALLY excited about it. All the new makeup!

Making memories is my job. I don't think I'm doing a bad job at that, but I want to do better and be better at it. One of my favorite memory-makers is bugbeansmomma on IG. She's pretty stellar at the whole memory making business. My kid's will thank you, Amy.

The road trip is going to happen. Ya hear that, momma!? It's going to happen. Our birthday's are only 4 days apart and well, I'll be 30, so there.

Read. Read. Read. I love to do it. But I've found that I make excuses not to. Awful. Stupid. Dumb excuses. Get with it, Amanda!

School. Oh, school. I am taking the most classes I've ever taken...ever. I'm pretty nervous about how I am going to schedule it all, but I can do it. I not only want to pass (YEAH!) but I really want to do the best I possibly can. I know I can, but having it in "writing" makes my more accountable. At least I'm hoping that's the case.

I'll have more updates as things happen. Hopefully they will. No. Scratch that. THEY WILL HAPPEN!

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