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Monday, August 25, 2014

Some little four year old started his first ever school year today!! He's been asking for his first day for the entire summer. "Mom, can we go to school today?" Since June. He's got a new backpack and fancy new supplies. We are way over the moon for him. He's so excited!

Not only did he start, but so did his mama. I've been taking college courses for some time now getting closer to my bachelor's degree. I have an associates in culinary arts, but I want to teach one day, so bachelor's it is! I take my courses through the University of Texas but they are all online. So, not only do I juggle the life of a teething baby, four year old who wants all the attention, house chores, etc, but I add college courses to that. It's not easy. Not even close. But it will be worth it when I'm done and can be in a classroom. That's the goal. Summers off with the kids, holidays with the kids and family, it's the dream here.

Anyway! To get me started for this semester, I wanted to treat myself with a few little things to help keep me organized and well, inspired to study and get it done. I don't have all of these, but I sure do wish I did!

1 // Ban.Do 17-Month Agenda. Coolest planner I've ever had. Favorite part? Each week there is a "to-do."

2 // Hot Stuff Thermal Mug. Because coffee.

3 // Mulberry Press, Co. Stay Positive t. Sometimes you need a reminder and you need to wear said reminder to really get the picture.

4 // B&BW Vanilla Chia Mason Jar candle. Do I really need an excuse for this candle? It's just good.

5 // Danny Brito Simpsons Sad Girl Pouch. Best. Pouch. EVER. By my favorite artist EVER.

6 // Mochi Things Pattern Pens. Everyone needs cute pens.

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