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Thursday, September 18, 2014

I've said it in previous posts, but I'm working on redoing some rooms in our house. We rent, so we aren't able to change a whole lot (paint, etc) but I can change furniture and rearrange. I've done a lot of purging (I need to do a whole lot more) and I've sold some stuff. Let's start with the dining room.

This was before (duh, it says it right there....). It was dark and crowded. The table was hightop and difficult for Jackson to get up and down from. He fell a few times and I had it. I sold it. The hutch was from a friend of my mom's. We kept it, but moved it and mixed it up some (I'll share that area soon!). We went without a table for a while....but it was worth it. I've always wanted a white table with colorful chairs.

And I got them! I love this room now. It's way brighter, happier, and we spend a lot of time in it now. Most of the furniture is from Ikea minus the small cube shelf from Target. The accessories were collected over time at Target or thrifted or gifted. The rug is also from Ikea. It's $20. Obviously the best purchase of the entire room. The white table has changed my life. If you are ever wondering about my IG photos....this is where the majority are taken.

Now that there are two boys who have a ton of toys and junk in the house, I had to come up with somewhere else to store some toys. They both play the majority of the time in the living room so this little shelf of toys is perfect. Since Jack started school, he brings home projects and colorings that we have to put up. This is his perfect little gallery wall. Mason loves it, too. It's easy for him to pull stuff off the shelves and he stays away from the breakables that are dangerously in his reach really close to this.

See? Breakables. I've had these shelves for longer than I've been married. They have seen better days, but nothing some brackets, screws, and black paint can't fix. They are filled with my favorite cookbooks, vintage cups and plates, and a few special little things. The "Cafe" sign was something my mom picked up for me in Laredo, Texas. It's super amazing. It one of my favorite things in my house.

I hated this room before these changes. We never would eat dinner at the table or projects there. Now, we do everything there. It didn't happen overnight, so if you're trying to change a few things in your home, don't give up. These changes aren't cheap and we aren't rich or well-off by any means of the words, but I waited and waited until the right moment to do this. Now, I couldn't be happier.

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