Hi! I'm Amanda Michelle! 

I am a 29 (yeesh, almost 30) year old blogger from Fort Worth, Texas. I love to talk about family life, beauty, cooking/food, and lifestyle things.

I am originally from South Texas (deep deep South) but moved to Fort Worth in 2005 after deciding to pursue culinary school. I met my husband in 2006 in culinary school. We were married in 2008. I moved on from my first culinary academy to another one nearby and graduated with honors in 2009. Our first son, Jackson, was born in September 2009. Our second little man was born in December 2013. We have a teeny little dog named Sophie. And that's our family!

I made myself a small little goal list for before I turn 30. Blogging isn't anything new to me (Hello, Pretty Eyes). But one thing on my list was to "start something new." I decided that would be...vlogging/blogging. We will see how that goes. Wish me luck!

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