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Monday, July 14, 2014

I make most of Mason's baby food. It's important to me to know what is actually in the food I'm giving him. I use the mostly organic ingredients and water just to thin it out a little. I used to make all of Jack's food until I started working and we moved and and and excuses. This time, I stayed committed to it.

I've had the same baby food maker since Jack was born. It's the Original BabyCook from Beaba. I love it. I never even thought about giving it away or getting a new one. It's perfect for the job. And it's lasted the entire 5 years. We didn't aways use it for baby food either. I pureed soups and sauces in it when we didn't have a good blender. It's good.

I use one once little containers for storage. They are the Vital Baby Press N Pop Mini Freezer Pots. They are pretty perfect. There is a little silicon pad on the bottom of each one that makes it super easy to pop these out while they are frozen. I keep them in a tupperware in the freezer to keep from getting lost in there.

The baby food I make usually lasts all week, frozen. I make them over the weekend and use them throughout the week. This time, I made enough for about 1 and a half weeks or possibly two.

Mason is at the point where he eats cereal in the mornings, one and a half to two of these pots for lunch and then again for dinner.

These "recipes" (they really aren't, just pairings) are super easy and so far, baby approved. These are also for babies around Mason's age now, 7 months or older.
Spinach, peas, and asparagus : fresh asparagus, frozen peas and spinach. Pretty straight forward. Steamed all three together, then blended with water.

Apricot blueberry : dired apricots and fresh blueberries. Steam the blueberries and blend. Then strain. Meanwhile, cut the apricots into small pieces then steam. You should be able to pierce them with a knife easily. Then blend the apricots. These are pretty pasty, so add a lot of water. Once it's at a good consistency, add the blueberry sauce.

Apple strawberry : fresh apple and strawberries. Steam them both together, then blend with water. I added a touch of cinnamon.

Sweet potato : fresh sweet potatoes. Steamed then blend with water.

Sweet peas : frozen sweet peas. Steamed until hot, then blended with water.

Beets, parsnips, and carrots : pre-steamed beets without skins, fresh parsnips and carrots. Start with just a few bits of carrot, add the parsnips, and beets. Steam until you can pierce the carrots and parsnips. Then blend with water.

Pears : fresh pears. Steam then blend. You won't need a lot of water on this one.

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