Kids on a Plane

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Today Jack, Mason, and I are going to be flying to see my family. We are so so SO excited and have been packing and planning since tickets were bought. July 4th will be a party then I'll have some mom-time and Jack will have some kid/cousin time and Mason..well he goes with the flow.

I have flown with Jack tons of times. It's only an hour-ish flight. But I haven't even flown with two. (yikes) I am nervous. I am bringing my stroller with the kickstand for Jack to ride on. Hopefully, no one will bitch about how big it is at the gate. It's not any larger than a normal stroller, but definitely not an umbrella stroller. Anyway. I am nervous. Mason is a screamer. I mean SCREAMER. Hopefully, I can feed him while we are taking off and landing and keep him busy for that hour all while making sure Jack is cool. I've packed... well, overpacked our carry-on bag.

I got this duffle-style bag at Target. I really wanted to bring my diaper bag in all it's awesomeness, but I have to bring my laptop for school related work I have to do over the weekend. That doesn't not fit in the diaper bag. This bag is cute and roomy. Really roomy. I have all of Mason's stuff packed into my Mommy Bag from Lily Jade Co. It's really saving me from rummaging around this giant bag while I have a screaming baby. (Ok ok. He doesn't scream that much, but when he does... geez.)
Not shown are the three bottles and formula container I'm bringing. Yes... I overpacked for him. Once when flying said hour flight with Jack, I brought just the bare minium. I got stuck. In Houston. With one bottle and ONE diaper. Not awesome. Overpack I will. The little lollypop teether on a Star Wars pacifier clip is genius. He drops teethers ALL THE TIME so this way, he can drop it all he wants and then pick that thing right back up NOT dirty. Mom win.
These are my little essentials that I travel with. Wallet, lip stuff, pen, and bandaids. Not pictured is my laptop charger and phone cords. Oh and Jack's ipad. Yah. That thing. I can't wait for his birthday where we (HOPEFULLY) can get him a mini.
Laptop and school stuff. Also, my kindle. I will do anything to keep Mason from screaming and if that means sticking this thing in front of him with Sesame Street on it, so be it. The other passengers will thank me. The laptop "bag" is from A Beautiful Mess a while back. It's actually a clutch but fits my laptop perfectly.
Snacks. For me and for Jackson.  He isn't sold on the apple chips yet, but I'm working on it. The little red things are lentil snacks. He thinks they are cheesy, but (sneaky mom!) they are tomato basil and yummy.
 Jack will be carrying his own backpack or the stroller will. Either way, this is his stuff. It's from Gap a few years ago.
His stuffs. Maze book, National Geographic Almanac, Planes books, Cars, yogurt melts, and his Paw Patrol buddies.

Wish me luck! I'm sure we'll be just fine......

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