Summer Activity

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This summer, I'm trying to keep Jack pretty busy to avoid the "I'm so bored, mom" and "can we go somewhere" every day....all day. I made this letter game a while back, and brought it out again this summer. He's at the point where he pretty much knows his letters and their sounds, but this game is a good reminder.

What to do:

Print out each letter on one blank paper ( A gets one page, B gets one, etc. See above photo)
Google photos that have the first letter of each letter of the alphabet ( I did quite a few for each letter)
Cut out each photo. I store them by letter in separate baggies.

To play:

Lay out the large letter pages.
Pull out the photos for those letters and scatter them up.
Have the kid match each photo the the letter.

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