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Friday, August 22, 2014

We've had a pretty good week. Some ups and a couple downs. Someone hacked our bank account last week and took a ton of money, so that's been fun catching up. But Jack had his open house yesterday and we got to meet his teachers and oh man. We are ex-ci-ted! This weekend, the husband has the entire weekend off, so we will be getting prepared for Jack's first day Monday!! I'm also hoping we can make it back to the park for a little picnic. Here are a few links to get ya through the weekend:

Like I said, Jack is starting school Monday and this shirt would be so perfect for the first day. Just a reminder to BE KIND!

Jack tends to get sick pretty easily. He isn't around a lot of kid's often, so with him starting school I knew that we needed to give him a little extra boost. In comes Honest Co.'s Kid's Immunity Boost!
Another positive reminder shirt here, but for the adults.

This breakfast in a jar is just so darn pretty. Sounds delicious, too!

I am completely obsessed with Taylor Swift's new song. Like, Also, her hair is on point! I may be making an appointment for a very very similar cut.

One Bookcase, Three Ways... I need this bookcase, now. We have a ton of those shelves with the squares and cubbies and I am WAY over them. Especially in the boy's room. I love the way the children's room bookcase is styled.

Anyone else ready for Fall? I saved a Pumpkin Waffle candle from B&BW from last year and I'm so ready for new ones this year!

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